What is Avocado Payments?

Why is Avocado right for your business?

Avocado Payments is a digital cardless payment system that allows businesses to collect payments from customers easily. Think of it like a point of sale system, but without the hardware. What makes Avocado unique is that it enables your business to accept Apple Pay without the headache of an extended setup process or the need for specialized payment terminals which can cost hundreds of dollars. In 5 minutes or less you can accept Apple Pay from your customers! Apple Pay is not only more convenient for customers, letting them leave their wallet and cash at home - you only need your iPhone to pay, but it is also arguably the most secure form of payment available today.

The Avocado Payments system was designed with simplicity in mind in that it focuses on just one thing - accepting money quickly and securely. There is no complicated inventory management system, no product scanning or SKUs, and most importantly, no specialty hardware required.

Avocado Payments is flexible: you can choose to use it exclusively or you can use it alongside your existing point of sale system - there's no risk in trying it! With no signup fee and no monthly subscription fee, use Avocado as much or as little as you like - you only pay per transaction and there are no minimums. We also allow your customers to use credit cards normally just in case they haven't activated Apple Pay on their phone yet. You can supercharge your business to accept Apple Pay in just 5 minutes!

Avocado Payments is currently in beta and we are accepting new applications. Sign up below and as a beta program member you will receive reduced transaction fees and access to features that are not available to the public. Have questions? Connect with an account specialist who can answer your questions and explain how Avocado fits into your business payment process.

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