Enterprise Billing

How can Avocado Payments help your company get paid faster?

Does your company send invoices to consumers via email or postal mail? Do you rely on consumers to pay your invoices by mailing a check or entering their credit card into a website of questionable security? Do you want to reduce the amount of time your office staff spends on invoicing and bill collection? Avocado Payments Enterprise is the perfect, no-obligation solution for your company to be paid quicker while reducing billing effort. There is no signup fee, no subscription fee, and Avocado Payments works alongside your existing invoicing system which means you can try the most modern payment solution available with no risk.

The standard Avocado Payments plan relies on in-person interaction between merchant and customer to complete an Apple Pay transaction with no special hardware, but the Avocado Payments Enterprise edition includes a secure API which allows you to create payment transactions which can easily be integrated into your current billing process. You can choose from three different integration methods which takes your offline paper billing process online instantly. Instead of waiting on your customers to mail their payment back to you, customers can choose to pay with Avocado and you get paid immediately and securely. You are also notified of this payment immediately via our push webhook system, or you can opt to retrieve payment notices at your own interval or by email. The Avocado Payments Enterprise edition was designed with flexibility in mind to make sure your company can integrate Apple Pay payments in the best way for your existing process.

Our Enterprise edition accounts are currently in beta, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait! Sign up below to register for our beta program which includes reduced transaction fees and access to pre-release features not available to the general public. Entering our beta program also pairs you with one of our Enterprise account specialists who will personally answer any questions you have and assist with your integration.

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