Accept payments from your customer's digital wallets
on any medium with no hardware or integration required.

Super-charge your receivables payment flow up to 2019 standards

No app install or login for customers.

Why require your customers to download a special app or login to an account just to make a payment if they don't have to? We're removed these barriers to make the customer payment experience as easy and frictionless as possible, which translates to you getting paid faster!

Works with your existing payment infrastructure.

Avocado was designed to enhance your payment flow, not replace it. Continue to use your existing card processor with no switching. It's risk-free to place an Avocado QR Code on all your invoices - only pay for what you use.

Accept digital wallet payments on paper invoices!

Yes, Avocado can enable Apple Pay and Google Pay on the paper invoices you send! Prefer a digital flow or mix of both? No problem, the Avocado QR Code can be printed, emailed, or sent over SMS.

Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay on Paper Invoices!

Why make your customers jump through hoops to pay their account when accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay takes only one scan and two taps, even on a paper invoice!

  • No NFC terminal hardware required
  • Customer's payment sources never leave the native mobile wallet
  • Avocado never collects or stores customer card or bank details
  • Use your existing card processor with Avocado
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Automate Your Avocado Integration with the REST API & Webhooks

No need to re-train your staff or learn a new process when the Avocado system can run silently in the background. Use our API to programmatically create a Charge and we'll report back via Webhook when it get paid.

  • Authenticated REST API
  • Subscribe to Webhooks for the events your system requires
  • Our integration team can assist in the setup
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No automated responses or cookie-cutter sales pitches here - if you have a question or are interested in using Avocado at your organization, provide us with your contact information and a real human team member will contact you to discuss your options and schedule a system demo.